Treehouse work party.

Sunday the 4th of March a small party of volunteers headed to the treehouse to do some priority tasks to try once again to get the treehouse signed off for a building warrant in time for an Easter opening.  Sometimes lots of volunteers are needed to do general jobs, tidying, landscape work and so on. If you would like to be included in a mailing list for work parties please get in touch with us via
For this session we needed just a few of the regular experts to do a couple of specific joinery tasks. Terry our local woodturner really understands wood and keeps the rest of us right with technical issues. Kristine our local development officer organised soup and sandwiches for the hungry workers, which was much appreciated!
The morning started with showers and the snowline moving closer down the hill towards us but this gave way to lovely blue skies and rainbows.

Roger and Bart preparing a new Horizontal Beam for extra structural security.

The new beam in place

Rich works on the footpath drainage.

The view from the roof, stove on to keep the workers cosy.

Vicky and Bart trimming back some more tree branches.

Rich organises a firewood store underneath the Treehouse.

Bart and Terry trimming the doors to fit better after the timbers have settled over the wet winter.

Hopefully the next work parties will be to do the final tidy up, sand the floor, fixtures and fittings, to make the treehouse ready for opening and Lots of events over the summer!

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