Talk on Natural Horsemanship.

On Friday 25th May, Anni Stonebridge came to Lochcarron to host an evening seminar on The Natural Horse and Domestic horsemanship.

Anni Stonebridge is the originator of Barefootworks, the UK’s 1st barefoot trimming co-operative.  With a BSc in Psychology, and fifteen years of horsemanship and equine behaviour training, Anni provides practical horsemanship training alongside her hoof trimming practice.

Anni talked about the philosophy behind her work and went on to explain about her current work which includes the Dinnet Equine Herd project which is all about environmental enrichment to improve the health and well being of both the horses and humans. An alternative way of horse keeping that is both ethological, practical, co-operative and economical.
 The informal discussion provided many insights into horses with ‘problem’ behaviors, how letting them be in a herd, increases longevity, reduces health and behavior problems and makes for much better Horse and Human relations.
We were shown images of horses and their hooves in March, which where compared to May, two months later after  grazing freely in a herd, unrestricted- the results were dramatic, with no human intervention, the animals were much healthier.
The project is being used as research into the effects on the land, the humans, and the animals, it is already showing positive changes in all. Prehaps similar projects could be started in other areas?

 ( photos courtesy of Dinnet Equine Herd Project )

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