spring clear up. 2014

Saturday 29th March was a lovely spring day, perfect for the volunteer clear up we had planned. Our regular helpers were joined by some new faces, which is always good. There was a massive list of tasks to do, our Community site at the Smithy attracts a lot of visitors for different activities, but as ever there is no funding or revenue stream to pay for maintenance or landscaping work, which is why we are so grateful for community support. The workers are always rewarded with teas, delicious soup and rolls. Hard work but good fun in company.  Many hands as they say.SAM_1375this lovely Gray Aspen tree was planted back around 1991 when the empty site had a few trees put in and the then Smithy Heritage centre was being founded. The tree is now huge! so our volunteers were cutting back some lower branches to raise the canopy and improve visibility from the road.SAM_1377 SAM_1378 2014-03-29 11.49.37
 some Gorse bushes, brambles and alder scrub was removed from the roadside to open up the site and tidy up. This years display of daffodils, on the Marie Curie ‘field of hope’ is looking beautiful, well worth a drive out to look at.2014-03-29 12.58.22the treehouse roof needed a good sweep up after the winters fallen larch needles and cones.2014-03-30 16.28.00next task is setting up the Pinewood cabin for it’s summer role as the visitor information centre and local art and crafts showcase gallery. the ‘iGallery’ will be open from Monday 7th. This year will see some new products and exhibitors. This is an ideal first stopping place in the area for visitors and is all organised and staffed by local volunteers. Funds from the rented showcase spaces all go towards the purchase fund for Kirkton wood. If you would like to help out or be added to a mailing list please contact us.

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