Open meeting- Establishing a trading arm


open meeting

( Kirkton Community Trading )

at the Smithy, iGallery. Lochcarron.

In order to take our business forward, KWHG needs to establish a trading arm. It is our intention to alter the current company name (KWHG) to that of LCDC
(Lochcarron Community Development Company).


Thereafter, L.C.D.C. will become the parent company and the current legal struture,  that of a company limited by guarantee with charitable status will remain. L.C.D.C. in the short term, will be linked mainly to projects located at the Smithy.

Independently to this, it is our intention to establish a new company, a trading arm (Kirkton Community Trading), registered for VATand that this company be responsible for works connected to the acquisition of Kirkton Woodland.

Whilst the procedures involved in establishing a trading arm are new to all of us, we would like to invite potentially interested parties along to a meeting at the Smithy (Gallery) on 4th November at 7.30 for the purpose of establishing a steering committee and that said committee, appoint a Board of Directors (3-4).

This woodland will be YOUR woodland. Currently the legal process to acquire the woodland is underway, funding for the purchase is in place, applications for the Forest Officer position are being received and we anticipate having title to the woodland shortly after Christmas.

 What’s missing?
In essence we have the funding, we have the woodland, what we need is YOU.

 We do hope that you can manage along, everyone welcome .


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