The Halloween party 2014 – photos

halloween poster
Many thanks to everyone who came along to our Tree house Halloween Party, and to all those who donated food, decoration and time to make it happen. There was a good attendance despite horrible weather and several other children’s parties having been on that day. The Tree house looked great all bedecked with lights, lanterns and decorations. The dark path to the tree house was lit with lanterns and tea-lights.

We played games and the children explored, dooking for apples, ghost hunting, creating mummies out of parents. A Buffet of party food was laid out at the Smithy, and snacks and donated wonderful halloween cupcakes were also available at the Tree house. The children all looked brilliant in their costumes, and even some tiny babies came along for the festivities. I think all the ghouls and spooks were scared away by the fun and noise, because it wasn’t frightening in the dark at all that night. Thanks to all who made it happen, and to those who came along!

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