New organisational structure and name proposals.

There was a good Open meeting last night about setting up the proposed NEW trading arm of our community company. It has also been agreed to change the main umbrella charity name to better reflect what we do. The two separate new steering groups are starting to take shape, and it was wonderful to see new people volunteering to get involved last night. A lot of work has been done over many years to get us to this stage and we are now embarking on an important new chapter!

This is why last nights meeting was called:
“In order to take our business forward, KWHG needs to establish a trading arm. It is our intention to alter the current company name (KWHG) to that of LCDC(Lochcarron Community Development Company). Thereafter, L.C.D.C. will become the parent company and the current legal structure,  that of a company limited by guarantee with charitable status will remain. L.C.D.C. in the short term, will be linked mainly to projects located at the Smithy.

Independently to this, it is our intention to establish a new company, a trading arm (Kirkton Community Trading), registered for VAT and that this company be responsible for works connected to the acquisition of Kirkton Woodland. ”

This website will continue to be the source of news for both groups, the facebook and twitter accounts will also remain the same for now. Two new steering groups have been appointed and It was a good productive meeting going into a wide ranging discussion about the plans and potential for Kirkton Woodland. The next step is to set up the trading arm, appoint directors and get the name changed from KWHG to LCDC. Meanwhile our winter training courses are ongoing, plans for the next phase of the Smithy development are being drawn up and normal business continues!

Here is a diagram to & show the proposed new organisational structure that has been agreed.lcdc structure3

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