Photos of Kirkton Wood. Easter 2015

Easter Sunday was a nice sunny day for a walk out through the newly purchased Kirkton Woodland. In recent weeks many more lodge pole pines have blown down, making walking through the Forest difficult and Hazardous. The ground is very wet underfoot which contributes to the unstable tree roots.20150405_140339
Near the southern edge of the Woodland there are three large Sitka spruces which help navigation. It is a shame that more of the spruce weren’t planted as these have grown much better in the poor conditions of Kirkton than the predominant Lodge pile.20150405_140512
in some of the areas of older windblown trees new growth and regeneration is taking place, with the fallen trees providing a nursery against the many hungry red deer who currently shelter in the woodland.20150405_140515
the lower branches of these recently fallen trees had had their needles nibbled by deer.20150405_150226
The route of the old coffin path and drovers road through the middle of the Woodland is not too difficult to traverse with only a few fallen trees blocking the route. Here the trees thin out & some Scots pines line the way in parts.20150405_150233 20150405_150728 20150405_152716
in The south Eastern corner of the Woodland there are some archaeological features from the time where the Kirkton area was glebe land. The Electric cables were getting damaged by falling trees causing regular power outages, so the Electricity Company got permission from the Forestry Commission & various landowners to access the woodland and fell the problem trees.20150405_152837Work will soon be underway to transform Kirkton Wood into a sustainable Community Woodland for the future. It has taken us a long time and lot of work to be able to purchase the woodland, but in many ways, the hard work starts now !  

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