Who are we?

LCDC is a company limited by guarantee, with charitable status. It is operated by a voluntary board of directors assisted by office bearers. Anyone can join as a member and vote at General meetings.

 LCDC Board

The company solicitor  ( MacLeod and MacCallum)

(Voluntary) Directors;

Chair – Vacant
Secretary – Vacant

Treasurer – Hilary Rooke

Membership secretary – vacant

Directors ;
Avril MacKenzie

Helen Murchison

Janet Price


Kristine MacKenzie- Local Development Officer,

Independent services/businesses located at Smithy Community Hub.

Keira MacFleet -Kiki’s Craft Corner

Lochcarron Candles –  (Opening Easter 2018)

Vicky Stonebridge – Pop Up Pottery

i Gallery – Local Art, Craft & produce Shop & Gallery/ visitor information point (summer season only) ( 2018 plans subject to having people to lead this )

Tree House – Venue for Hire from LCDC

 Kirkton Trading Ltd

KT ltd is a trading arm of LCDC, a company limited by shares, with a Board of Directors set up to run any commercial aspects of managing Kirkton Woodland.

 KT Board

MacLeod and MacCallum –  Company Soliciter

(Voluntary) Directors

Chair – Sheila Cudby

Treasurer – vacant

David Thomson

Peter MacKenzie

Avril MacKenzie- Minutes secretary

Christopher MacDonald

Smithy Micro Dairy
SMD ltd is a trading arm of LCDC, a company limited by shares, with a Board of suitable Directors yet to be elected at the first AGM , set up to run the proposed Dairy Project.
If you would be interested in standing as a director please e-mail; infosmithyhub@gmail.com for an application form.

Technical Assistance provided by;

Malcolm Morrison (Jarrah Forestry)

Chris Marsh (Forestry Consultant)

Jim Gattward

Lynda & Mike Beveridge

Hilary Rooke – treehouse bookings


Vicky Stonebridge – web, social media & design


Chris Marsh – Forest consultant
Ewan Reid & Chris MacDonald- Forest and path work operatives
community engagement – Lynda Beveridge
Volunteer coordinator – Nic Bullivant

A member of;

Development Trust Scotland (DTAS)

Community Woodland Association

Community Land Scotland

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