Basic Bushcraft for young people at the Treehouse- August 2015


On the 28th & 29th July two Bushcraft Workshops for Children were held at the Treehouse. The Treehouse is such a fantastic venue as there is sufficient space to run about and play in the surrounding woodland area.  There are living willow sculptures to play hide & seek and a picnic area to relax in.

On the first day we had a fun filled packed event.  The children started off making their own “cookies” – Wooden Name Tags and marking their boundary with colourful ribbons around the woodland area of the Treehouse.  On the theme of tracking we painted our faces with camouflage paints and even the adults weren’t spared!  We practiced our tracking by playing games where we got to blast eachother with waterguns – just as well everyone brought waterproofs and spare clothes.  We practiced our observation skills while doing a bug hunt before collecting natural materials to make our own wall hangings to take home.

On the second day we had 12 eager children excited to learn basic bushcraft.  We played games to learn about the elements that make up fire and examined different tinder options.  Everyone got to make their own fire using a firesteel.  It takes time and patience to learn this technique and this group were amazing.  We cooked Tatties over the embers of the campfire before sharpening sticks to toast marshmallows. All agreed that Tatties always taste better over a campfire.  Given a few tips the children split up into teams.  Armed with face paints & blank flags, the teams created their own Clans.  Each Clan made a den decorated by their own flags and very scary war paints.  We tested how “Scottishproof” their Dens were with a drenching from the water gun with all the clan inside.  The ‘Red Deer’s’ & ‘The Iron Force’ were a scary lot indeed !  So, it’s just as well we wrapped up the day with a hot chocolate warmed over the fire and some storytelling. 

The Feedback from the children was very positive;  “It was Awesome” with suggestions such as “more hide and seek” and “capturing the flag of the opposing clan” next time.  Furthermore, parents gave positive feedback ; “More of this please, very impressed”!

2015-07-29 12.52.40 2015-07-29 13.50.22 2015-07-29 13.51.07 2015-07-29 13.51.39 2015-07-29 14.20.30 2015-07-29 14.38.55 2015-07-29 14.40.02photos & words by Lynda Beveridge.
Many thanks to Lynda for organising these inspiring events for young people, and to Lynne for helping out.

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