progress in Kirkton Wood, August 2015

Lots of progress is being made in Kirkton Wood, the Harvesting is well underway. It currently doesn’t look as desolate as some harvested commercial plantations can look, as the scotspine, hardwoods and some other trees have been left. It is opened up some fantastic views, and starts to give us a better impression of the lie of the land for planning future recreational activities and features. The Harvesters have been working long hours throughout the week, and we have used the weekends and some local operatives to dig and create a good area of hard standing to use for our firewood business this winter. With all the machinery currently in operation, please follow the safety notices on site and keep away from any working areas. Thanks ! ( photos by Peter MacKenzie & Vicky Stonebridge )20150816_155922 20150816_160556 20150816_160601 20150816_160610 DSC02375 DSC02376 DSC02378 DSC02384 DSC02387 DSC02392 DSC02395 20150807_191320 20150807_192035 20150807_192349

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