Firewood available from Kirkton Woodland.

Now taking orders,
Spruce and Larch softwood now available to order in lengths, or chopped and split logs from the new yard in Kirkton Wood

1 metre square bag of chopped logs = £65
delivery charge varies for distance prices on enquiry
1 tonne of 3m lengths  = £40. buyer collects
delivery of full loads (+12 tonnes) prices available on request

Orders and Enquiries:
01520 722 490 or 075 63 90 93 56

Leave your name, contact details, order details
(split, lengths, volume, uplift or delivery).
Please telephone in advance to arrange collections
from the yard.

The timber is from dead seasoned wind blown trees, which have been stored outdoors. For best effect, we recommend leaving to dry for a short while.
Proceeds from Sales will assist in replanting and management of Kirkton Wood.








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