Volunteering at the Smithy, Nov 1st 2015

Luckily it was a lovely but breezy day today so we could get on with some outdoors jobs and enjoy the autumnal sunshine. A group of volunteers got set to work on clearing leaves, twigs and other debris from the treehouse roof & gutters. Potted up Tree saplings were moved to the treehouse decking to protect them from being nibbled by deer. Then the windows were given a good clean. We’re planning having the treehouse open next summer  for an exhibition of old photographs, more details to follow.20151101_142045
Next job was the annual haircut for the willow dome, and clearing away the encroaching brambles. This year’s growth was used to reinforce the deer damaged walls and to create some new twists and swirls in the structure. It was planted in 2003 and is doing pretty well considering how much the deer enjoy to eat it.
the regular volunteer days have been a great help in keeping on top of things this year, making the grounds a lovely place for visitors and locals alike to visit & enjoy. We’ll be holding more days through the winter months for specific tasks, and regular days next year on the first Sunday of every month to keep up the good work. we’re always fed well and it’s a good chance to catch up with people as well as meet new folks.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped in 2015 so far!

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