What a fantastic time was had by all!  We had a lively group of 13 children aged between 8-12 yrs based at the Smithy Hub Site.  The event was centred around Celtic times so we had a lot of fun building shelters,  painting our faces as Celtic Warriors and creating clans.

Everyone made their own fire without matches and took turns to prepare and cook all the food over the fire.  We had pancakes, Soup, melted Bananas with chocolate, Baked Potatoes, and Fruit loaf baked in the dutch oven.  It was unanimously decided that food tastes better cooked over the fire.  We now have 13 budding Chefs!

During the week we visited the Pop Up Pottery with Vicky Stonebridge where the children made their own Celtic style pots using natural materials to form patterns. Vicky worked miracles to get the pots dried so that they could be smoked using traditional methods later in the week.   Thanks to Vicky for a speedy turnaround and fun demonstration as always.

Terry Hitchen The Woodturner helped the children to make their very own bows & arrows which remained stuck to them like glue forever after.  Many warriors rampaged through the woodland site holding their captives within their newly made shelters    – Thank you Terry for fulfilling great childhood memories.
Gloopy substances seem to have a strange fascination for younger ones so it was with great gusto that the children embarked on papermaking.   On the sunniest day Lynne Roberts from the IGALLERY instructed us on how to make paper embedded with natural materials, later dried outdoors .


A select few camped out in the Treehouse, the creaking and swaying of rocked us off to sleep as the stream flowed nearby.  For those that stayed they go down in history as the being the first ever to have slept in the Treehouse overnight.

It was a great pleasure to watch friendships flourish. The Treehouse and Smithy Hub Site really is a fantastic venue and we are looking ward to running more events in the future.  Lynda Beveridge

( LCDC would like to thank Lynda for all her effort and enthusiasm in organising and running this very successful event, and providing this write up ) 

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