Volunteer event 11th October 2017

Report from the first of the new programme of volunteer events.

Blue sky and sunshine greeted the small but enthusiastic band of volunteers who met at Kirkton Wood today (Wednesday, 11th October). For half an hour while we laboured on making a flat area suitable for a picnic space, the sun was hot and the birds (well, a local wren) sang. With the onset of rain, we retreated to the shelter of the shipping container thoughtfully provided on site and had a break. The rain came on heavily and we discussed lots more achievable ideas for small but steady improvements to the woods we would like to make. We also discussed which day of the week we should meet, and although Wednesday was fine for the folk present (unsurprisingly), we would be happy to try a weekend day towards the end of this month.

Before work started

We went out again and finished off the picnic site job, before moving on to one of the old houses on the site. We set to removing branches and twigs from round the ruin. Some of the stone used to build the houses is not stable, so we do not recommend climbing on the walls.

We finished after 12.30 and took our muddy tools home. It had been good fun, and with a small friendly group, no injuries, no-one vowing never to return.

Thanks to the genuine volunteers Lorna, Gary and Joe, and to Chris from me, Nic. We hope our next event will be on 25th October, also a Wednesday, but then we may move to a different day of the week. If you like the idea of being useful, having fun and getting dirty, but would like a different day, just leave a note for me and the Development Company team. ( email via infosmithyhub@gmail.com )

Nic Bullivant.

Some of the volunteers in action.

Progress to date on the picnic site. We still have to spread topsoil and grass seed.

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