Come along and see what’s been happening in your woods!

December 23rd, 10am till 1pm.
Come along and see what’s been happening in your woods! 
There will be a bonfire of some of the felled waste timber (which will help us tidy up a bit) and you can bring marshmallows to toast. Fire lighting at 10am and Kirkton Woods volunteer supervisor, Nic Bullivant, will be on hand to show you round till 1pm. Turn up any time after 10.00. Head for the wood yard which is up the track from the forest entrance.

It’s the first day of the holiday, a good opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy the short winter’s day.

Here’s just some of what our fantastic squad of Volunteers achieved already;

A classic day in the woods.

A well-defined job that will make a big difference, a friendly bunch of folk, a variety of weather, but not much rain and good satisfaction by the end.
We put a culvert in to the drain which runs past the pond and is crossed by a direct walking route from the pond to the big gable-ended ruin.
We also cleared waste obstructing this route and extended it down towards the main stream at the bottom of the woods. More to do on this.
After three days laying back the gorse on the path up towards Cnoc an Staing, we returned to the big woods.
The main plan is to start to make the path to the big ruin a reality. There are some great drainage pipes to install and the usual “harvesting waste” to clear back.
We concentrated on clearing the ditch on the left as you go up. Don’t worry – we’ll be back. There are more big bushes Davie Thomson said he would chain saw, and the path along the top to the viewpoint is still a bit beset with bushes and water. It was much too cold on Friday to work up there! Another job in that region is to install the new viewpoint bench and remove the remaining metal poles which used to support the TV aerial.
And, as the ghost of work yet to come, here is a picture from the old Coffin Route. Who said it was wet? That’s an understatement.
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