KWHG / LCDC and KT ltd timeline of milestones

The following is a list of activities or development milestones with our Community Development Company, this does not include dates of individual classes, courses, volunteer days., market days and other routine events.

  •  2009 KWHG formed and merged with previous Smithy Heritage Centre with charitable status.
  • 2008 Market days monthly through the summer started
  • May 2010, Country day, community engagement, rural skills and fundraising.
  • June 2010, Local Development office funding and post in place.
  • September 2010, community views survey undertaken.
  • October 2010, concept illustrations for kirkton woodland produced by Vicky Stonebridge, used for public displays.
  • October 2010, public meeting about feasibility of Kirkton woodland purchase, presentation my Munro Gauld.
  • October 2010, children’s art produced, their visions for kirkton community woodland.
  • November 2010, Public meeting about buying Kirkton woodland.
  • December 2010, Purchase off small craft unit of Vicky Stonebridge.
  • February 2011, community ballot about purchasing Kirkton woodland.
  • May 2011. Smithy office refurbishment underway
  • .June 2011. Kirkton Woodland leaflet, information and fundraising, produced.
  • July 2011. small workshop tenancy taken by John MacPherson
  • July 2011, mosaic interpretation panels created for Smithy
  • August 2011, treehouse building work & filming starts
  • November 2011, highlife funding for  adult education programme granted
  • November 2011, New workshop units finished.
  • Nov 2011, Fundraising St Andrews Quiz night.
  • February 2012, quarterly newsletter “woodland Wire” produced and distributed.
  • February 2012, public meeting about proposed woodland purchase
  • March 2012, Growth plan ( phase 2 ) developed and published
  • march 2012, new workshop units work starts
  • April 2012, Treehouse Opening & Mini Country Day
  • April 2012, KWHG background information published
  • April 2012 Vicky Stonebridge appointed under ‘adopt an intern’ scheme to produce report into potential Smithy Hub development and visitor needs.
  • May 2012, children’s jubilee artwork exhibition
  • May 2012, Boot Sale
  • June 2012, Kirkton Woodland information booklet produced and distributed.
  • June 2012, Jubilee picnic for school pupils
  • July 2012, Andy Wightman talk
  • July 2012, summer celebration Open Day
  • July 2012, Ceilidh opening event
  • august 2012, New Workshops Opening day
  • November 2012, Fundraising quiz night
  • January 2013, woodland trust donates trees which are planted.
  • February 2013, open meeting to set up Art and Craft collective to lease LCDC workshop
  • March 2013, Bingo fundraising night
  • March 2013, Hosted a woodland crofting seminar
  • march 2013, tree planting, trees donated by woodland trust
  • May 2013 Surf awards for KWHG best practice in community regeneration
  • May 2013, Bingo fundraising night
  • May 2013. iGallery open day
  • July 2013, Visitor survey conducted as part of adopt an intern project to determine potential future use of buildings and site.
  • August 2013, fundraising calendar of archive photographs is produced.
  • September 2013, interview on BBC alba about woodland crofts with Vicky Stonebridge
  • February 2014, bingo fundraising event
  • March 2014, Forest technician Malcom Morrison appointed.
  • April 2014. Terry Hitchin tenancy begins in small craft unit.
  • April 2014, iGallery Opening
  • July 14, new office spaces created in iGallery
  • August 2014, Open Day.
  • August 2014. Roll of honour talk.
  • September 2014, Public meeting about Kirkton Woodland.
  • October 2014, local Scottish Rural Parliament Event
  • Winter 2014-2013, Adult education programme of classes & courses
  • November 2014, Open meeting to set up a new trading arm of LCDC, called Kirkton Trading ltd.
  • November 2014, Children’s Halloween event at the treehouse,
  • November 2014, Annual Christmas Fair at the iGallery.
  • December 2014, Kirkton trading ltd set up as a company.
  • January 2015, graduate placement to investigate best use of assets at the Smithy Community Hub, report produced by Fergus Hendry
  • February 2015, input into Highland Council area development plan
  • March 2015, community Woodfuel needs survey conducted.
  • March 2015. Pop up Pottery pilot Opens in the Smithy.
  • March 2015. Name change from KWHG to LCDC.
  • April 2015, public meeting about Kirkton woodland proposals
  • April 2016, Rural manifesto event hosted by LCDC at strathcarron Hotel.
  • April 2015, Kirkton woodland updates, public meeting.
  • April 2015. Kirkton woodland felling license granted.
  • May 2015 Kirkton Woodland Access road work commences.
  • May 2015. Harvesting in Kirkton Woodland commences with Munros harvesters.
  • May 2015. Roll of Honour WW1 centenary book produced by Paul Swan.
  • May 2015, terry Hitchin takes on tenancy in small craft unit
  • June 2015, children’s Bush craft at the treehouse.
  • June 2015, Knoydart information sharing visit.
  • June 2015, Opening ceremony for Kirkton woodland access road with Lochcarron School pupils.
  • July 2015, meet MSP John Finnie
  • August 2015, Feasibility study undertaken into opportunities for cultural events within Kirkton Woodland by Imogen Reiter.
  • September 2015, a range of tourist information and heritage leaflets produced
  • September 2015, Wood fuel pilot scheme set up.
  • Winter 2015, Adult Education programme
  • December 2015. Forest Officer appointed.
  • December 2015, storage container sited in Kirkton Woodland.
  • January 2016. Kirkton Woodland Volunteer event
  • January 2016, Aspen growing workshop.
  • Jan 2016, tree nursery created for pilot
  • March 2016, Kirkton woodland vision statement produced by Lynn Roberts
  • March 2016. Joined DTAS .
  • March 2016. Smithy building new electricity upgraded supply fitted.
  • March 2016, Ross Mountain Battery leaflet produced by Paul Swan.
  • March 2016 smithy building insulated.
  • May 2016, kirkton Woodland public presentation,
  • May 2016, Public meeting to update about Kirkton Woodland developments.
  • Summer 2016, monthly volunteer events at the Smithy
  • July 2016, summer bush craft event at the treehouse
  • July 2016, Housing needs survey, 200 responses received.
  • August 2016. Bush craft for children at the treehouse
  • August 2016. New signs for the Smithy Hub produced.
  • September 2016, History of the local Railway, exhibition in the treehouse.
  • Autumn 2016. Dairy development professional consultant team appointed.
  • October 2016. Volunteer day.
  • October 2016 History of Kirkton Woodland exhibition as part of Highland Archaeology festival
  • October 2016, children’s Halloween event, in the treehouse
  • October 2016. HISEZ conduct governance health check meeting with LCDC
  • Winter 2016- 2017, highlife winter project funding granted for community engagement.
  • November 2016, lottery funding granted to take Dairy project to building Warrant stage.
  • December 2016, Leader Funding for Kirkton Woodland “Haven on Earth “project approved.
  • December 2016, 2 Forest operatives appointed.January 2017, Forest Access Officer appointed
  • February 2017. Meet SIMRA representative to discuss work in community by LCDC.
  • March 2017, project to engage with Lochcarron Primary School and the heritage of Kirkton Woodland
  • March 2017, green woodworking course
  • march 2017, volunteer day
  • March 2017, open invitation to exhibit and join iGallery collective
  • April 2017, Children’s activities at the treehouse
  • May 2017, children’s activities & bush craft
  • May 2017, Leaflet about the proposed Dairy produced and distributed
  • May 2017, defibrillator sited at the Smithy.
  • June 2017, volunteer day
  • June 2017, Dairy proposal information display at market Day.
  • July 2017, children’s activities at the treehouse
  • September 2017, Scottish Land Fund Assistance to purchase land for woodland access
  • October 2017, funding application to Lottery lodged for Smithy Micro Dairy
  • Oct 17, Terry Hitchin wood turner gives up tenancy of small craft unit.
  • November 2017, funding bid to Scottish sea farms for rustic classroom in Kirkton wood successful.
  • November 2017, SIMRA has selected LCDC for further study of marginalised rural areas.
  • November 2017. film project with Lochcarron School underway ” A cry for Kirkton “
  • November 2017, Annual Christmas Fair.November 2017, funding for Kirkton Woodland access granted from Scottish Land Fund.
  • November 2017, funding granted for highlife community engagement.
  • March 2018, Chair Avril MacKenzie stands down and is replaced by Colin Sharp.
  • March 2018, A new board to run the Smithy Micro Dairy company is formed.
  • April 2018- Lochcarron Candles opens for business in the small workshop at the Smithy Hub.
  • April 2018, a successful week of Bushcraft activities for children run at the treehouse.
  • 19th March 2019- work starts on the extension to the ‘iGallery’ to turn it into Café Ceàrdach .

If there is any information missing or wrong on this list please get in touch.

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