New Board members required at AGM.

LCDC is a local charity tasked with community development, regeneration, training, employment and economic growth through local activities. It is owned by it’s members from the community and managed on their behalf by a board of directors. The current projects are currently under threat as there is not enough appropriately skilled people on the committee. We have Kirkton woodland to manage, a housing project to get off the ground, potentially a scaled down version of the Dairy project, the Smithy hub to run, the treehouse to manage, the iGallery to organise and run, community engagement, market days, fundraising and more. It is time for some new blood to regenerate the committee otherwise these projects cannot go ahead and all the work in getting things this far could be lost.
If you have any time and energy, please come along to the AGM on Tuesday 27th Feb, 7.30pm at the iGallery. If you are interested and can’t make the meeting please PM for more info.
link to membership forms HERE. Please join us and help these important community projects.
UPDATE LCDC – AGM on Tuesday February 27th

To all of you who kindly gave your time to either attend our AGM, or submit applications for Directorship, we regret to inform you that the AGM must be declared null and void. The reason being that whilst the number of attendees met the required 10% (of 171 members) needed to convene the meeting, a later cross check revealed that not all those in attendance were members
We do hope that you are available to attend our rescheduled meeting on 22nd March, should anyone consider applying to become a Director of either LCDC or  Strathcarron Micro Dairy, please feel free to contact us
We do hope that you can join us.
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