iGallery arrangements for 2018

We are delighted to announce that the iGallery with visitor information point will be going ahead again this year thanks to the efforts of our volunteers.
the iGallery will Open on the 30th April- from 1000 to 1600, 5 days a week.

If any artists, or crafts makers would like to hire a space please get in touch at infosmithhub@gmail.com. rates are the same as last year.

Whole table- 6ft x 2.5ft , 183cm x76cm = £40
Half a table = £20
Glass cabinet- 4 glass shelves, 38cm x29cm each = £18
Big wall space- 190cm wide x 130cm high = £10
Small wall space- around 100cm wide x 130cm high = £5
Display cabinet shelf – 120cm long x 28cm deep x 30 cm high = £15
Set of 4 ‘cubes’- each cube 39cm x 33cm x33cm =£15
Space for own small display stand – £10
Space for own large display stand – £20

We’ll be organising a volunteer workparty before the 30th to get things tidied up and have a good spring clean ready for the season. More news asap

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