Another report from Nic about volunteer work up Cnoc na Staing , Saturday 21st April, thanks everyone for all your Stirling work! :

“Four of us went up the Cnoc path from the Wee Campsite. I was a bit horrified to find the gorse – particularly on the East side of the path – had been burnt off. It was difficult to fathom out how, but it has finished the job we started (until it regenerates, of course). We found a few small trees on the left side of the path which we moved or noted for coming back to quite soon with guards. The before-during-after pictures show the path as seen from the top of the hill.

At the edge of the moor the path has a culvert which had become blocked so we did a bit of digging and squelching around, and Judith scraped the surface clear of mud so it should be better to walk on.

We went over the Cnoc viewpoint and found a sheltered spot on the east side for a brew and a piece of cake (made that morning!). Then down through the wood to Kirkton Gardens, some of which was quite passable. Through to Croft Road we found some more vegetation to prune and it was after 5pm when we finished!

A good afternoon, well spent with friends.”

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