Fungi Day at the Treehouse 2nd Sept 2018

It’s been a great year for Fungi, so we were delighted to host a Fungi day at the Treehouse with local expert Tony Lyon.  Tony brought along a huge selection of local fungi which was on display.  We were amazed at the variety of fungi to be found in our locality.  Tony gave a insightful talk about methods of Identifying Fungi.
What was interesting to learn is that smell and the physicality of the Fungi is not always consistent therefore a taking note of the site of where it grows, it’s proximity to tree varieties & it’s it’s individual characteristics are essential.  One method is to take a spore print which participants were given the option to try.  The colour palette of which fungi spores produce had many in awe & is an artists dream.
Within the display were some of the poisonous varieties like the Destroying Angel, it’s beauty masquerading it’s fatal consequences.    Using some of the foraged edible Fungi, chanterelle, hedgehog & Cep, Lynda set about cooking risotto outdoors over the fire – We are glad to announce that all participants are still alive!
Tony enlightened us with folklore and stories of Fungi over lunch before we learned how to harvest and store/dry Fungi.  Encouragingly Tony’s handmade drying rack is an example of how this hobby can be accessible to all. We took a short stroll through the woodland & with our newfound knowledge were able  identify Orange Birch Bolete, Amethyst Deciever & Sulpher Tuft a variety of milk-cap’s & many more.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day had by all.  Lets hope for an equally abundant year in 2019!

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