*UPDATE – the venue has been changed to Lochcarron Village Hall*

September 10th at 7pm 

For some time we have been very much aware of the level of duplication, and to a point, the competitiveness between local organisations, when really we should be working together. Taking account of this, we made the suggestion that, a joint community organisation meeting take place. In this regard David Murray (Chair to Lochcarron Leisure Centre Group) and LCDC have met up on several occasions to discuss how we take this forward. The agreed methodology, was to approach the various local organisations and ask that they provide us with a statement outlining their aims and objectives, current projects and what they hope to achieve over a given period of time, the results of which can be viewed below.

We hope that the outcome from the meeting will lead to a sharing of information and greater collaboration for the benefit of all. We very much hope that you can attend (maximum of 2 representatives from each organisation) and look forward to seeing you on September 10th

Lochcarron Community Development Company

Supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, LCDC is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, compliant with the regulations set out in the Land Reform Act, and meeting the requirement set out in the National Forest Land Scheme for applicant organisations. Together with its two trading partners, LCDC employs seven persons, plus numerous volunteers

Aims & Objectives; To support the community in realising increased employment, education and training opportunities, availability of affordable housing and supporting local traditional arts and crafts.

Current Activities ;

  1. C.D.C. – Rental units available at the Smithy Hub at below market rates to local craft producers, Smithy Treehouse available for meetings and events, local Producers Market showcasing local produce, Visitor Information, Kirkton Woodlands providing education opportunities and a recreational community space
  2. Kirkton Trading – Management of a 227 acre woodland and operation of a sustainable wood fuel business to provide an economic source of fuel for local residents
  3. Café Ceardach – Trading from late August – as a community café, delicatessen, art/craft venue and learning space, open year round


  1. Maintaining a sustainable future for the Smithy Hub businesses
  2. Replanting of Kirkton Woodlands with further path activity in line with our Development plans
  3. In partnership with HSCHT, delivery of a phased affordable housing and self build project with Phase One scheduled for Autumn 2020
  4. The creation of additional employment at the Smithy Hub, in particular a Smithy Manager post to manage our assets and projects on a day to day basis relieving overstretched volunteers
  5. Seeking ways to address our main challenges, namely securing enough volunteers and advisors to deliver our projects and to meet the challenges associated with running three community owned companies

Applecross , Lochcarron & Torridon Church of Scotland  

Mission statement – We would like to be an inclusive, caring Church where all are welcome and where we work in Christ’s name and for His sake, living out the Gospel in word and deed. We want to reach out to all in our community and would hope to be seen as a positive influence in all that we do and say, a serving church, we would hope to be seen as compassionate, loving and generous, not just with our money but with our time and our talents

Lochcarron Community Adopt a Barrel Scheme

Aims ; To promote community action to enhance and improve the visual quality of Lochcarron village

Activities; Planned activities for 2019/20 include the ongoing maintenance and replacement of barrels and benches, improving the rubbish bin sites on Main Street and collaborating with other groups in traffic calming measures

Gaelic 0-5 Group

Aims; To provide and introduction to Gaelic language through play. Activities;  Each week we have a free play, tea and coffee, singing followed by a craft activity, the session finishes with a final game and song. Special thanks go to Board na Ghaidhlig for their continuing support. In addition to current weekly Wednesday afternoon sessions we have funding to run 10 book bug sessions in the library. Challenges; Our future may be affected next year by the introduction of full day nursery hours

Lochcarron Games Committee

Aims; We aim to make enough money on the day of the Games to finance the following years Games and to be able to give small grants and financial assistance to other groups in the village. Challenge; To recruit younger and fitter committee members

Lochcarron Coastal Rowing Association

Aims and Objectives ; To raise funds for the building and maintenance of one or more rowing skiffs, build and maintain the rowing skiffs, participate in regattas organised by the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association (+others), encourage widespread community participation in the project and support the promotion of Loch Carron as a centre for maritime activities.

Lochcarron Afternoon Tea Set

Aims; To help reduce loneliness and isolation in the community by providing a regular opportunity in the village where residents and visitors of all ages and interests can socialise, encourage widespread community involvement including working with other local organisations and raise awareness and funds for local clubs, associations, charities and good causes

Lochcarron Camanachd

We the “Shinty Club” have an agreed set of targets and ambitions for the year (long agreed with the Camanachd Association) and which include recruiting and retaining players, skills training, supporting referee and goal judge training, club house repainting and repair, pitch maintenance and repair, earthquaking and reseeding of the pitch, fence repairs, fundraising for equipment and travel, attempting to make our kitchen free of plastic and a number of targets concerning the cost control of areas around insurance and other overheads 

Lochcarron Sailing Club

Lochcarron Sailing Club, is a small but active volunteer run sailing club that welcomes members of all ages. The club provides opportunities for everyone to take part in sailing and sailing related activities and is a RYA training centre. Our most active sailing period is April to October, but there are some winter activities also. Activities; Term time sailing (Wed. eve), Sunday Club races, training week (RYA courses – various levels, first week of school holidays, regional RYA training weekends, annual regatta, the Gunn Trophy for juniors, safety boat and First Aid training, culminating in our annual dinner. The club has 25 bots and works hard to keep them in good condition for use by club members. Club costs are funded mainly by membership fees, on occasion, grant funding is required for major outlays e.g. new safety boat

Howard Doris Centre

The Centre is operated by the Strathcarron Project (about to be renamed the Howard Doris Centre), a community led charitable company. Opened in 1996, we provide permanent supported accommodation for up to eight tenants, we have two medical beds and one room for respite care. We also provide day care for up to 40 people from Monday to Friday. We currently employ 30 people. Objective; To continue to provide the essential service and to remain financially stable. It has become necessary to actively fundraise over the last two years and we are exploring other means of maintaining our income

Lochcarron Leisure Centre

For many years the community led charitable company has been seeking to establish an indoor sports facility in the Lochcarron area. We have been offered a suitable site near the primary school and have planning permission in principle to proceed. We estimate the cost to be in the region of £2million. We have recruited a volunteer with fundraising experience who is helping us to develop bidding documents to approach major funders. The Brexit situation has put this on temporary hold at present. In twelve months we plan to be actively engaging with grant awarding agencies to gain their support

Lochcarron Pier Trust

The trust was set up to build a concrete pier/slipway along with visitors’ moorings and a car park opposite Lochcarron Hotel. It was completed in 1994 at a cost of £120k. It had been intended that Highland Council would take over the ownership and management of the pier on completion of the project. They declined to accept responsibility and the cost of maintaining the moorings became prohibitive. They were removed in or around 2010. Subsequently a third party replaced the moorings in 2012. The pier and moorings are not currently actively managed

Lochcarron Working Group

Objectives; To identify the potential for improvements and pursue innovative solutions to problems, to make improvements which will benefit the quality of life of residents, promote a sustainable and healthy village, to enhance the visitor experience, to engage with people of all ages, to have regard to other village projects and adopt an open approach to communication encouraging local “buy in”

Current ideas under consideration; upgrading established short walking routes, identifying “safe” routes for walking and cycling, introducing communal recycling bins, developing and creating more walks and other activities in and around Lochcarron village

Lochcarron Village Hall

Lochcarron Village Hall is a facility that enables people in the community and local area to pursue various activities. There are two small rooms and two halls which are ideal for large or small social events, sports and business meetings and gatherings. The fully equipped kitchen and WiFi add to the amenities available to users. Over the next year we hope to create a website to inform the local and wider community about the amenities available, terms and conditions

Lochcarron Quilters and Stitchers

This friendly and supportive group meet every Wednesday at the Howard Doris Centre, open to anyone and we are happy to teach patchwork and quilting skills to anyone who is interested in learning and developing a new skill. As well as working on our own projects we also make quilts for a charity called the Linus Project which provides quilts to give comfort to sick children and young people in difficult circumstances. We also contribute our work to help other charities such as those working with people who have dementia. This work will continue throughout the coming year and we will be looking for any other assets in which we can make a contribution. In September (1 week) we will be holding an exhibition of our work in the Church of Scotland, Lochcarron the proceeds from this will be in support of the Howard Doris Centre

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