Lochcarron Community Covid19 Support Fund

Lochcarron Community Covid19 Support Fund

Lochcarron Community Development Company is pleased to announce that funding has been made available to the community by the Scottish Government and others, to assist those most affected by the Covid19 Pandemic,  this includes provision of a volunteer co-ordination and support service, essential services provision including food deliveries, food resource scheme, a supply of basic food provisions for those in need and expenses for those volunteering their time to assist delivery of the project

The scheme will be managed by Lochcarron Community Development Company and residents living in Glencarron, Strathcarron, Kishorn, Achintraid and Lochcarron are eligible to apply, .

Further details to follow

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News summary . March 2020

  •  Housing – the two tenders submitted to HSCHT for work in connection with the affordable housing project are currently under review, it is anticipated that the successful applicant will be announced within the next 2 weeks, an open meeting will be arranged shortly afterwards to introduce the development plans to the community.
  • Lochcarron Development Plan. Preparation of the proposed community engagement exercise, aimed at gathering and analysing data to provide a fair focus of prioritised projects for the whole community to cover the period 2020-2025 is almost complete and we hope it will shortly be underway. The process will include a household survey, analysing engagement responses and delivering the key results to the community in the form of a summary document. Thereafter,  projects prioritised for development will proceed to the next phase.
  • Market Days – Our 2020 Season opens Friday April 24th and thereafter the last Friday of the month until late Autumn.
  • Woodland Shelter – Our shelter is now available for use by volunteer parties and those participating in workshop/training events.
  • Series of Woodland based Activities  – Plans are ongoing to introduce a series of woodland based activities for all ages.
  • Café Ceardach – Opening hours will be extended from late March, check out our social media pages for updates.
  • Workshops and Skills Development – as part of our ongoing commitment we would be interested to hear from anyone interested in tutoring art/craft or rural skills based workshops, also prospective participants, let us know what subject matter interests you. Over the years we’ve covered a plethora of subjects from basket-weaving and bushcraft to a variety of LANTRA accredited courses

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willow structures workshop, report & photos.

It’s been a very successful weekend here at Kirkton community woodland. Willow expert Les Bates from Alligin Willows (Torridon) came along to teach an enthusiastic group how to make a Living Willow tunnel on Friday. The tunnel forms part of the Sensory Trail project, where different textures are laid along a path. On Saturday participants built two benches, one a living willow bench and the other an up-cycled bench made from redundant fence posts.
The benches are sited next to the Mythical Monster statues made from salvaged materials from a beach clean conducted by local primary school children. Thanks to Les for passing on his Willow Wisdom and to our keen participants who brought crisp, clear weather and good cheer. The trail will be officially opened on Wed 20th Nov.

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Hotel Development –

** update**

Proposed Hotel- Update 21/02/2020

Good Evening All

In keeping with my commitment to let you know factual information as it becomes available regarding progress in the investigation and feasibility study to commence consultations with the community and LCDC regarding a potential hotel development please see below an email sent to us (LCDC) today from the directors of Bealach Ltd, the potential developer, which is self explanatory.

I have also included below the statement received last night from Bell Ingram again confirming that no agreement has or had been entered into for the sale of land in Kirkton Woodland.

I am also in possession of the list of 7 HIE officials who had been involved in discussions with the directors of Bealach Ltd in relation to this project.

These facts clearly substantiate and reflect the status as described by LCDC as the actual position of the enquiry.

Yours sincerely

Colin Sharp – Chair – LCDC


From: Gregor Bulloch

Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 at 09:02

Subject: Bealach update

To: kristine mackenzie

Hi Kristine,

So as mentioned 2 weeks ago in our previous email, the 3 founders of our hotel project (Allan, Gordon and Gregor) have been analysing the project in detail as we are at a critical point when we are about to invest significant funds to take the project forward. We also had a third party provide a detailed financial review for us prior to the formal funding round.

From a financial perspective, the business case has been impacted by both rising build costs and operational costs as well as material risks of Brexit and staffing. The interest rates we were being offered by those banks we were in discussions with were also higher than originally anticipated. These factors combined have limited our ability to create the hotel we had in mind when we started the project.

With all that in mind, we have chosen to put the project on hold indefinitely. We are going to consider other options but for now, please assume no further work will take place.

On behalf of the 3 of us, I’d like to thank you for your efforts to date, it’s been a pleasure to work with you. We are all disappointed that we have been unable to proceed with this but with all things considered, stopping now feels like the right thing to do for all involved, including our partners, as there is no point in us collectively investing more time, effort and money to then stop at a later stage.

Best regards and all the very best for the future,

Allan, Gordon & Gregor.



Further statement from Bell Ingram

An inaccuracy in our EIA screening submission has been drawn to our attention as it appears to be causing some concern within the community. We can confirm that absolutely no agreement has been entered into for the sale of the land in Kirkton Woodland with any party to our knowledge. All that has been agreed is that we would have permission to make such enquiries as are necessary to establish whether the site at Kirkton Woods is suitable for our intended purpose. If the site proves to be suitable, then we would clearly wish to engage with the Community and Lochcarron Community Development Company at that stage.

Regards Iain B Cram Director Bell Ingram Design Limited,



Hotel Development – The Facts- 12/02/2020

We have been approached by several organisations and individuals expressing interest in leasing or potentially purchasing some of the woodland for commercial enterprise. These have ranged from use for storage, manufacture of wood products, manufacture of timber structures to construction of a hotel.

The constitution of LCDC dictates that we must evaluate all approaches made and this we will continue to comply with and of course nothing can be progressed until AFTER community consultation.

At this moment in time LCDC have NOT entered into or agreed to enter into any commercial arrangement with any of these parties nor have we agreed to sell any land whatsoever.

A recent planning application has been misconstrued as an application to construct a hotel when in fact the application, as you will see from the statement below issued by the companies agents, Bell Ingram, is merely to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). It also incorrectly states that LCDC has agreed to sell the land, this is NOT the case. How could we agree to sell a plot of land without knowing it’s value both in terms of absolute value and value to the proposed purchaser, as you will appreciate the two are not necessarily the same.

I understand local rumour is that this is a budget hotel. This is pure fantasy. From the brief conversation that I have been party to the aim is for 5-star top end accommodation with a Michelin style restaurant. Hardly competition for any of the B&Bs, holiday lets, hotels or eateries already in the village.

LCDC will always ensure that the community are made aware and consulted before any changes are made to the assets of LCDC and this was indeed the agreement that we had with the stakeholders in this case.

As this is only an enquiry at this point it would be far too premature to communicate this widely and this communication seeks to clarify where we are.

We have been made aware of many vitriolic and unfounded criticisms and unfortunately some have seen fit to make personal attacks on members and employees of LCDC which is both ill-informed and unjust.

We have on several occasions and indeed our Chair in his last An Carrannach article asked that should anyone have a question then please ask us and get the truth rather than relying on inaccurate rumour. But then why let the truth get in the way of a good rumour?

Thank you

LCDC Directors.

Statement by the companies agents, Bell Ingram

From early 2019 Bell Ingram have been undertaking a review of the route of the North Coast 500, to establish if there are any suitable sites for new hotels.  One of those sites identified as having potential for such a development was the village of Lochcarron.  The access to a railway station, and the link from the A890 to Kyle of Lochalsh and on to Skye, making it particularly attractive as somewhere travellers might be persuaded to pause and stay for a few days rather than rush off on their way round the north coast.

 As part of this review process we submit an EIA Screening Request to Highland Council to establish if there are any recorded constraints on development in the area, that might have an impact upon any future proposals.  This is still a very speculative stage in any development, and until we have all the necessary information, we would not normally expect to commence any form of community engagement.  We acknowledge that the process of submitting the EIA screening has been the cause of some concern within the community, and embarrassment for Lochcarron Community Development Company, who kindly allowed us to investigate the potential of the land at Kirkton Woods.  We apologise for any unnecessary upset caused by this submission, of which they were not warned in advance. 

If at the end of this review process, Lochcarron remains a site that we would be interested in pursuing, then we will discuss this in detail with LCDC, and present our thoughts and proposals to the community at large.  To do so at this stage would be very premature however, as it is quite possible that we will not move beyond this stage in the Lochcarron area.

Bell Ingram Design Limited,


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Monsters in Kirkton Woodland !

You may have thought Halloween was over but not here at the Kirkton Community Woodland!
Two mythical monsters have appeared and are eagerly waiting their official unveiling.  The monsters are part of the Sensory Trail, currently under construction with the aid of volunteers.  For those still interested in coming along to help please do get in touch with Lynda Beveridge on beveridge.lynda@yahoo.co.uk  to see how you can get involved.  Perhaps you have a few hours to spare to help construct the last part of the trail or to help out at the showcase event on Wed 20th Nov.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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October Market Day 2019

Many thanks to everyone who attended our last Market day of the year, thanks to everyone for all the support throughout the year in coming together for this social and fundraising event. Extra thanks to our volunteers who have kept things going, especially when the kitchen has been short handed.
These photos were captured by Lynne Roberts on Friday.
Before the next market day in April 2020 you can always come along to Café Ceàrdach – with deli, crafts, gallery, visitor info & learning for local crafts, produce, and home cooked food from local sources.

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Christmas Fair at Cafe Ceardach 2019

Christmas Fair at Cafe Ceardach
Friday 29th November to Tuesday 3rd December – 10am to 3pm – art/crafts/baking and more, come along and browse the stalls or just take a break for a light lunch or tea and cakes. For further information ring 01520 722952/490 or e.mail kristinestrathcarron@gmail

photo (c) Annice MacLeod 2019

photo (c) Annice MacLeod 2019

photo (c) Annice MacLeod 2019

Lynnes Christmas goodies

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