New View point Bench in Kirkton Woodland

a lovely new hardwood bench has been kindly provided by woodworkz- lochcarron, and the Lottery Awards for all. Thanks to the volunteers who got it securely put into place at the top of Cnoc Na Staing with great views overlooking Kirkton Woodland & Loch Carron.

Fungi Day !

Fungi Day
In celebrating Kirkton woodland . This activity is FREE to attend.
Intrigued about Fungi but don’t know where to start?
Then come along and learn with local expert
Tony Lyon.
Sunday 2nd September 2018
At the Treehouse in Lochcarron
Numbers of participants are limited so please book in advance to avoid
disappointment. Bring a packed lunch or food to share.
For further information or to book; contact:

Easter children’s Bushdraft Activities- photos and stories.

As part of this Easters childrens Bushcraft activities organised by Lynda Beveridge anf funded by Highlife, we have produced a booklet of stories and pictures by the children, it provides a momento for the participants and a taste of the wide range of activities they were involved in. You can down load the booklet in the link below or keep scrolling to view here.



Lochcarron Community Development Company News, July August 2018

The LCDC volunteers and our Development Officer have been working as hard as ever to deliver multiple projects in the area. As ever we are incredibly grateful to the support of the community and especially to the volunteers who make it possible to achieve things which benefit the whole community. It’s never easy getting everything done, finding time or achieving deadlines, and those who are working away in the background contribute so much.

Housing Survey
Highland Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) has previously conducted a housing needs survey to ascertain the future residential housing needs. LCDC is working in partnership with HSCHT to deliver affordable housing in Kirkton Woodland. It came to light that many local businesses were also struggling to grow or remain sustainable due to the lack of accommodation for employees in the area. As with many aspects of community sustainability, the problems are multifaceted and intertwined. With more working age families in the area, other smaller businesses would do better, local services and infrastructure could be protected from cutbacks and other growth opportunities would arise. HSCHT organised a second survey so we could find out more about this, this time the survey went to local businesses. Thanks largely to the enthusiastic efforts of Peter MacKenzie, who distributed and collected surveys we have had a very high level of responses that clearly shows that there is a need for a range of housing solutions in the Lochcarron area.

HSCHT have now awarded a tender for a site infrastructure survey which will start soon.

Bushcraft at the Treehouse.
At the time of writing family events at the treehouse are planned, we’ll have a report about asap.

Market days
These have been continuing to help raise some much needed funds each month and provide an important community social event. Many thanks to Sheila Cudby who has stepped in to help coordinate the catering, thanks also to those who all help make this event happen, you are all much appreciated! We are still very short of kitchen and general hall volunteers, if you feel you could help with setting things up, taking the meal payments, serving food or in any other way, we’d love to hear from you. The next dates are August 31st, September 28th, and October 26th. If you would like to book a crafts, charity or produce table for £5 please contact

The Smithy Hub
The site has been a little quieter than usual during the heatwave and world cup, we fully expect visitors to increase again once the football is over!  At the iGallery, the availability of volunteers to staff the desk has been a struggle, many visitors really value having a friendly local person to answer their queries. If you’d like to sit in for an hour or two to meet visitors, again we’d love to hear from you. The Highland Council proposed visitor information shelter to be built on site has had various delays to do with some technicalities, but the final stumbling blocks have been resolved and we are told that work on the shelter will start at the end of July. This will extend the current visitor information capacity and provide a year round facility. Any local businesses, organisers of individuals who wish to display promotional materials please pop it up to the iGallery.

The Dairy
Work on the Dairy project is ongoing, the sub committee working on the funding application and business planning have all been going over the facts and figures with a fine comb before the next funding application is submitted. We will keep you updated.

This is a good time to stock up on firewood to dry before the winter and support the community woodland development, if you’d like to order chopped logs or lengths of timber contact
01520 722 952.


Housing Needs and Business Views Survey

The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) has been commissioned by Lochcarron Community Development Company to carry out a survey of all households in the community to assess future housing and business development needs. An important aspect of the process is exploring the needs of existing businesses and of potential new businesses. Therefore, please take a moment to complete this short online form

If you would prefer a paper copy or word doc to email please contact us at

Summer Holidays Activities at the Tree house 2018

Summer Holidays Activities
at the treehouse
In celebrating Kirkton woodland and Settlement of Kirkton.

The Treehouse, Lochcarron.

2 Days 19th & 20th July –  Aged 8 + 2 days of Girls Only

Natural Woodland Activities

Come along & make your own healing ointment, natural dying, natural cordage jewellery, herbal teas, candle making & holder & try some baking over the campfire.

2 Days 23rd & 24th July –  Aged 7 + 2 days of 

Survival Skills Activities 

Be prepared to get dirty! Have lots of fun learning survival skills & playing games outdoors


Please ensure children come dressed for outdoors and have snacks/drinks & any medication with them.  Parent/Guardians will be asked to complete a consent form on arrival so please arrive 5mins prior to the event.  Booking Required. 

For further information or to book;


Programme of events for 2018 Kirkton Woodland Project


4th June ( Family) –   Fairies & Wizards – crafts & adventure. 

1 Day Sat 9th June Aged 8 + & Adults: Greenwoodworking – Carve your own wooden butter Knife 


 (School Holiday Activities)

2 Days 19th & 20th July –  Aged 8 + 2 days of Girls Only Natural Woodland Activities

Come along & make your own healing ointment, natural dying, natural cordage jewellery, herbal teas, candle making & holder & try some baking over the campfire.

 2 days 23rd & 24th July Aged 6 + – 2 days Survival Skills

Be prepared to get dirty! Have lots of fun learning survival skills & playing games 


Adults only  – Cooking Outdoors – using foraged foods. 

(Date TBC – please register interest) 


( Family) 15th October  –  Make Mandalas

(Family) 16th October   –  Autumn Crafts

1 day  17th October  Aged 8 + & Adults Greenwoodworking – Carve your own Bullroarer.

An ancient ceremonial musical instrument used by the Aboriginal’s. 


(Family)  Sat 3rd Nov Family Halloween Gathering

Spooky Stories round the fire, Treasure Hunt  & Torch Procession with your own handmade torches.

Adults Only  Sat 10th Nov: Greenwoodworking –  Spoon carving.

Sat 24th Nov (Family)  Natural Christmas Decorations – Make your own Evergreen Wreath 


Grand Finale Event   

Interpretation panel unveiled, bonfire, make paper lanterns, communal outdoor cook, decorate the Heritage Tree with New years wishes for 2019, lantern procession & Farewell to 2018.  Date (TBC )

natural dying, natural cordage jewellery, herbal teas, candle making & holder & try some baking over the campfire.

Numbers are limited so please book your place by registering your interest with Lynda Beveridge

Another report from Nic about volunteer work up Cnoc na Staing , Saturday 21st April, thanks everyone for all your Stirling work! :

“Four of us went up the Cnoc path from the Wee Campsite. I was a bit horrified to find the gorse – particularly on the East side of the path – had been burnt off. It was difficult to fathom out how, but it has finished the job we started (until it regenerates, of course). We found a few small trees on the left side of the path which we moved or noted for coming back to quite soon with guards. The before-during-after pictures show the path as seen from the top of the hill.

At the edge of the moor the path has a culvert which had become blocked so we did a bit of digging and squelching around, and Judith scraped the surface clear of mud so it should be better to walk on.

We went over the Cnoc viewpoint and found a sheltered spot on the east side for a brew and a piece of cake (made that morning!). Then down through the wood to Kirkton Gardens, some of which was quite passable. Through to Croft Road we found some more vegetation to prune and it was after 5pm when we finished!

A good afternoon, well spent with friends.”

LCDC News April / May 2018

 What’s been going on down at the Lochcarron Community Development Company?

The winter months have again been a very busy time and we have seen some significant strides forward at the Lochcarron Community Development Company and we are now poised for the exciting times ahead.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing and we have also endured some setbacks during recent months.

As some of you may already know changes were required to the board of LCDC prompted by the decision of our Chair, Avril MacKenzie, to stand down as a director and not seek re-election. The board of LCDC, its members and volunteers would like to say a massive “Thank You” to Avril for all her hard work and commitment over many years and across all facets of LCDC.

In addition, Janet Price whose input has always been of great value to the board has also decided that, unfortunately due to work commitments, she is no longer able to dedicate the time to fulfil her role as a member of the LCDC board, and has decided also to stand down as a director.

Two new directors have been appointed to the LCDC board, Bart McFleat and Colin Sharp who together bring substantial engineering and business expertise to the board.

During the winter months a dedicated band of volunteers have been working hard to improve access and facilities within Kirkton Woodland, and a big thank you goes out to all who have taken part. Whilst on the subject of Kirkton Woodland, LCDC have now secured the purchase of a plot of land in Kirkton Gardens which will enable the construction of an access road into the woodland and supports our aim to provide sites for affordable housing, including self-build, within the site.

The housing project is at the stage where An ‘Expression of Interest’ Form together with an application for Feasibility Funding to the The Rural Housing Fund has been submitted, with options for a phased housing development on the land under LCDC’s ownership.  If the Feasibility Study funding is granted, the next stage involves an application to the Main Fund.  If successful- the estimated turnaround time for acceptance by the Main Fund would be September/October 2018. Highland Small Community Housing Trust will be working closely with us throughout this process.

Unfortunately our application for Lottery funding to relocate the West Highland Dairy to a new facility on the Smithy Hub site, although reaching the last 39 applications being considered nationally, failed to secure the necessary funds and therefore a ‘plan b’, a slightly less ambitious option is now being developed in conjunction with David and Cath Biss. This will have a much higher chance of success and enable us to maintain the traditional cheese makers craft for future generations and provide both a visitor attraction and centre of excellence to prospective artisan cheese makers world-wide.

Dates for our regular seasonal Producers’ Markets are already confirmed and following the first of this year’s on Friday 27th April will take place on the last Friday of each month from May to October 2018 between 11:00 and 15:00. We look forward to seeing everyone there and welcome some new stall holders as well as the ever popular regulars. Our regular kitchen guru Gill is out of action just now so there will be a reduced menu of soup sandwiches and delicious sweets for the time being.

In March we had a busy premier of the wonderful film that the Local schoolchildren have all produced together with our Animateur Lynda and lots of other talented local helpers, the screen play was written by the children and the film was filmed and directed by them. It was inspired by from the historical work the children were doing on Kirkton Woodland and is a poignant story about a family being cleared from the land. This will be available to purchase as a DVD. Please let us know if you’d like to be added to a pre-order list.

Lynda held another bush craft activity week on during the Easter holidays which was as popular as ever. The children enjoy a range of safe and healthy outdoor activities, including tree-planting, outdoor cooking, wildlife photography, games, shelter building, nature art and much more. These experiences are invaluable for our youngsters in building confidence, skills, friendships and experience. We are very lucky to have Lynda’s energy, enthusiasm and skills to run these events. There will be a booklet produced based on the work that the children did during the week, with their artwork, photos and stories.

At The Smithy Hub, the popular iGallery, including the local volunteer run Visitor Information Point re-opens for the season on 30th April and new volunteers are always welcome, if you would like to join the rota to staff the desk to meet and greet visitors please get in touch.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that in addition to our regular businesses, Kiki’s craft corner and Vicky’s Pop Up Pottery, we welcome the new venture of ‘Lochcarron Candles’ to the Smithy Hub. With a scented, colourful range of candles which are produced on the premises, this will enhance the Smithy visitor experience and encourage visitors to spend longer in this area. After a long cold winter it is lovely to see everything bursting back into life and busy again. Spring at the Smithy also means the beautiful ‘Marie Curie Field of Hope’ daffodils bloom which is always a welcome sight.

For all queries please contact us via