Who are we?

LCDC is a company limited by guarantee, with charitable status. It is operated by a voluntary board of directors assisted by office bearers. Anyone in the community who agrees with the aims and objectives can join as a member and vote at General meetings.

‘Who we are’ by people;

Helen Murchison
Acting Chair of LCDC,
LCDC Director,
Chair of Community Council.
Hilary Rooke
Treasurer of LCDC,
Treasurer of KT ltd,
Treasurer of Cafe Ceardach Ltd,
Fire wood order contact,
tree house booking contact.
LCDC Director.
Peter Barr
Director LCDC.
LCDC Web & Social Media.
Bart McFleat
Chair of Cafe Ceardach ltd,
Director of Cafe Ceardach.
( Tenant of LCDC )
David Thomson
Director of Kirkton trading ltd
Christopher MacDonald
Director of Kirkton trading ltd

 ‘who we are’ by companies;

LCDC Board

Chair – vacant
Company Secretary – vacant
Treasurer – Hilary Rooke (Director)
Membership secretary – vacant
Minutes secretary – vacant

(Voluntary) Directors:
Helen Murchison (Acting Chair)
Peter Barr

 Employees of LCDC:

Kristine MacKenzie- LCDC’s Local Development Officer,

Independent services/businesses located at Smithy Community Hub:

Keira Mcfleat -Kiki’s Craft Corner
Vicky Stonebridge – Balnacra Pottery
Café Ceàrdach – Cafe, deli, information, crafts shop, visitor information point & learning centre.
Tree House – Venue for hire from LCDC
Two office spaces are currently hired out to the Local Development Officer and an independent company.

Kirkton Trading Ltd

KT Ltd is a trading arm of LCDC, a company limited by shares, with a Board of Directors set up to run any commercial aspects of managing Kirkton Woodland.

 KT Board

(Voluntary) Directors;
Chair – ?
Treasurer – Hilary Rooke
David Thomson
Christopher MacDonald

Cafe Ceardach
A trading arm of LCDC, a company limited by shares, set up to provide an income stream for LCDC, local employment, community projects catering, retail local crafts, learning centre, visitor information, to promote sustainability and local produce.

Chair – Bart Mcfleat
Treasurer – Hilary Rooke
Director – vacant

 ( Past and Present ) Technical Assistance provided by;

Malcolm Morrison (Jarrah Forestry)
Chris Marsh (Forestry Consultant)
Lynda & Mike Beveridge
Vicky Stonebridge ( social media support & Web design )


Community engagement – Lynda Beveridge

A member of;

Development Trust Scotland (DTAS)
Community Woodland Association
Community Land Scotland