AGM 2018

These last few years have been very busy for LCDC with a great deal of work done and achieved. It is time to expand the committee and welcome some new Directors from the community to come along and take us forward. Please come along to have your say, ask questions and perhaps volunteer to help out. How would you like to see community development move forward? what are your thoughts about activities at the smithy hub and in Kirkton Woodland? what would you like to see happen next ?


To all of you who kindly gave your time to either attend our AGM, or submit apologies or applications for Directorship, we regret to inform you that the AGM must be declared null and void. The reason being that whilst the number of attendees met the required 10% (of 171 members) needed to convene the meeting, a later cross check revealed that not all those in attendance were members

We do hope that you are available to attend our rescheduled meeting on 22nd March, should anyone consider applying to become a Director of either LCDC or  Strathcarron Micro Dairy, please feel free to contact us.

We do hope that you can join us.


Lochcarron Community Development Company AGM

All  welcome. At the iGallery .Smithy Community Hub . Tuesday 27th February 2018, 7.30pm .

For further information
01520  722 952



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Historical Photographs of the Local Railway lines.

This gallery contains 57 photos.

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The Smithy/ A Ceardach- a brief history

“Is Airidh Am Fear-Oibre air a Lon”
The Smithy/ A Ceardach

The first smithy was Finlay Murchison, known as Fionnladh Gow, who came from Corrieleerie, a few miles further up Glencarron. He had traced his ancestos to a Roman Catholic priest in Kintail who changed faith at the reformation. Family traditio relates that Finlay sharpened the chisels for the stonemasons who built the original bridge over the Ahainn Bhuachaig, around 1817 as part of the road from Dingwall to Stromeferry.

The bridge was built to the west of the river over dry land and the river was then diverted to run under the new bridge. Following completion of this bridge Finlay leased a croft from the Mackenzie of Applecross and built the Smithy and the house opposite, the house was extended and improved over the years.

the old stone bridge was replaced by the present bridge in 1976.

The smithy was built on the road junction to New Kelso and the old road is still visible and a popular walking track today.

On the hill slope to the north of the Smithy, there was an old village which had bee unoccupied for some time prior to to Finlay Murchison’s arrival.  dyke, clearly visible on the hill behind the Smithy, was built from the stones of the previous houses. Finlay built part of this dyke.

Finlay Murchisons only child Kenneth took over the business and was known as Coinneach a’Gow. One the his children Finlay , usually called Philip, was the last Smith, Philip did not marry and the Smithy remained more or less unused after his death in 1954.

In 1990 it was donated to the community, to be managed by the Smithy Heritage Centre charity which has formed out of the Lochcarron and Applecross historical society. the Smithy was restored to be used as a Heritage center and became a popular visitor attraction, and venue to various cultural events. Around 2007 it closed to the public due to a lack of volunteers to run it and problems with flooding. in 2009 the charity was taken over by lochcarron community development company ( called Kirkton woodland and heritage group initially ), the Smithy remained unused as it would take too much funding to bring it up to a modern standard.

In 2015 a local potter took on a the tenancy of the Smithy doing some renovation work and opening the building up again as a pop-up working & teaching pottery studio. As the pottery trial was a success and bought more people to the site, in 2016 LCDC invested in some insulation for the building making it usable all year around.

In Front of the Smithy 2001

March 2002

Drama in the Smithy . August 2001

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“A Cry for Kirkton” heritage film created by pupils.

We are delighted to introduce the film “A Cry for Kirkton”, produced by the pupils of  Lochcarron Primary School, in partnership with Lochcarron Community Development Company .

Based in 1872, the film is a fictional re-enactment of a family being cleared of their home.  “A Cry for Kirkton” showcases the talents of the pupils of Lochcarron Primary School.  From script writing, musicianship, camerawork, acting, editing, to costume design – every pupil has contributed to the making of this film. The process called upon pupils reflecting on their own talents through applying for a role and working as a team to produce a film they can be exceptionally proud of.

The film has resulted from a series of ‘heritage workshops’ that local animateur Lynda Beveridge has been delivering with the school. This has involved the children making a number of visits to the ruinous settlement at Kirkton, examining and surveying the buildings there as well as researching and learning about the lifestyles and livelihoods of its inhabitants – informing their understanding of local heritage and concepts such as Shelter, Community and Sustainability.

The remains of the half-dozen or so buildings of Kirkton have been hidden from view for the last fifty years by the conifer plantation. Purchase of Kirkton Woods from the Forestry Commission by the Lochcarron community group in 2015 – and consequent tree harvesting operations – have once again brought the village to light. With EU funding from LEADER, a new footpath network is being developed to improve access and the primary school will be involved in developing new signs and artwork to be deployed there, explaining the history and local significance of the site.

The support and contribution from the local community for this project has been overwhelming.  This film demonstrates the strong partnership forged between Lochcarron Primary School, & the Lochcarron Community Development Company.

The film will be available to buy as a DVD, please contact us at to pre-order one, price will vary depending on number of orders, likely to be less than £5.

If you missed the viewing of “A Cry for Kirkton” on Sat 10th March then don’t worry there is another opportunity. We will be viewing again at the Howard Doris Centre on Tues 20th March at 1.45pm. Please feel free to come along and show your support.


Credits / Luchd Cuideachail

Director- Owen MacKenzie
scriptwriters – Rose MacLaren-Lee, Josie Beveridge
Camera operators – Finlay Miller, George Murphy
Editors- James Brown, Ian Carmicheal, Mia Carvill

Cast/ Cleasaichean

man working on boat – Arlo Beveridge
Dad working on boat- Joshua Whittingham
Man cutting peats- Cain Courtney
Boy helping stack peats- Timothy Nicholson
Children playing Hide and seek – Adam Cameron, Archie Cameron, Cade-Lee Courtney
children skipping, Izzy Furness, Lyra McPhail, Naimh Hill
Children playing marbles, Charlie Simmons, Noah MacBeath, Joe Murray
Child skimming stones- Kenneth seel
women cooking, Molly pearce
Women carding wool- Lexie MacKenzie
Women washing in barrel- Maura MacKenzie
Mum – Vivienne Goodman
Women gathering seaweed- Poppy MacKenzie
landlord, Brodie Miller
Landlords 2nd in command- James Brown
Child- girl – Izzy Furness
Child- by- Cain Courtney, charlie Simmons
Crew/ sgioba

Runners – Cameron Hill, Donald macPherson Raffell, Charlie MacLaren-Lee
props and scenery- Maura MacKenzie, Kaitlyn MacBeath
Costume Designers – Destinee McPhail, Alec Carmichael, Orla-Rose Macpherson Raffell

Music/ Ceol

singers- Mischa Fraser, Noah MacCartney, Elspeth MacLaren -Lee
Cello- Sasha Westerduin
Guitar- Cara Strath
Whistle and Pipes- Kiera Whittingham
Piano- Dolina Munro
Musical Arrangement- Dolina Munro
Song title- Duthaich Mhicaoidh
Music recording/ editing/ arrangement – Ray MacCarthney

Kirkton Woodland animateur – Lynda Beveridge

Lochcarron Primary school head teacher- Robert Gill

many thanks also to the following people, their assistance was fundamental to the making of the film

Location scout and amateur Historian- Paul Swan
Local historian and location assistant- Kenny ( Jeck ) MacKenzie
proprietors of the Ardaneaskan Museum – Christobell and Murdo MacKay
Owner of the boat- George Hendry
Drone footage- Peter MacKenzie
Transportation – DMK motors
Sound system and screen- Keith Pearce






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photos of School and Nursery Tree planting 22nd Feb 2018

On the 22nd February 2018 pupils from Lochcarron Primary School and the youngsters from the Nursery group went up to Kirkton Community Woodland to plant lots of trees donated by The Woodland Trust. They were assisted by Lynda our Community engagement animateur, Nic volunteer coordinator, parents and volunteers, many thanks to all of them and the School for their help. The volunteers have also been busy clearing the ground for this event. The trees are tubed for now as their isn’t enough funding to re-fence the whole woodland yet. They planted are a mixture of deciduous native trees, including Rowan, hawthorn, birch, oak.

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New Board members required at AGM.

LCDC is a local charity tasked with community development, regeneration, training, employment and economic growth through local activities. It is owned by it’s members from the community and managed on their behalf by a board of directors. The current projects are currently under threat as there is not enough appropriately skilled people on the committee. We have Kirkton woodland to manage, a housing project to get off the ground, potentially a scaled down version of the Dairy project, the Smithy hub to run, the treehouse to manage, the iGallery to organise and run, community engagement, market days, fundraising and more. It is time for some new blood to regenerate the committee otherwise these projects cannot go ahead and all the work in getting things this far could be lost.
If you have any time and energy, please come along to the AGM on Tuesday 27th Feb, 7.30pm at the iGallery. If you are interested and can’t make the meeting please PM for more info.
link to membership forms HERE. Please join us and help these important community projects.
UPDATE LCDC – AGM on Tuesday February 27th

To all of you who kindly gave your time to either attend our AGM, or submit applications for Directorship, we regret to inform you that the AGM must be declared null and void. The reason being that whilst the number of attendees met the required 10% (of 171 members) needed to convene the meeting, a later cross check revealed that not all those in attendance were members
We do hope that you are available to attend our rescheduled meeting on 22nd March, should anyone consider applying to become a Director of either LCDC or  Strathcarron Micro Dairy, please feel free to contact us
We do hope that you can join us.
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Applications for Dairy Board invited to meeting 19th Feb.

Looking for committed, suitably skilled Board Members for the Strathcarron Micro Dairy project. If you’re interested come along and join us on Monday February 19th at 2pm, Smithy Hub, Strathcarron.

For more information contact;

Kristine MacKenzie
Development Officer
Tel; 01520 722490

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